Big Rich Money teaches you to turn your business intentions into a profitable company. Transform the way you lead and market your company. Build your business foundation in a way that you can focus on doing what you love. Learn your biggest asset that attracts your ideal customers. After taking this e-course you will say goodbye to overwhelm and hello to success!

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Do any of these sound familiar?

  • You know you can build a successful company and you are ready to level up.
  • You think you have a great product, but your business is just not growing.
  • Even when sales are good, it doesn't feel like you are running a profitable company. 
  • Marketing is exhausting, and you are not sure if all of the things you are doing are really even working. 
  • You get new ideas and new opportunities for your business, but it can be overwhelming to know which ones to go with. 
  • You see other people succeeding, and you keep trying to copy their tactics, but they don't seem to work for you. 
  • You are curious about hiring a high-ticket consultant to help you to grow your business, but not ready to do it yet. 
  • Instead of wanting to hire someone to help, you want to be in charge of your own success. 

Big Rich Money method is proven to bring results for businesses of all sizes

Big Rich Money method was created by two business and marketing consultants Katja Presnal and Candice Kilpatrick Brathwaite. They have successfully used these techniques to help Fortune 100 companies, startups, and solopreneurs to launch, grow faster and make sales records, and award-winning marketing campaigns. Their success secrets are now accessible to all business owners for the first time. 


Your business will experience big changes.

Frustrated from not making enough money? 

Do you sometimes feel like your business is more like an expensive hobby than a profitable business? You put in hard work but can barely afford to pay yourself. 

→ Increase profitability with small tweaks

Consider different business models and learn a system how to turn weaknesses into opportunities. Learn the two most important tactics to increase your profitability. 

Suffering from marketing burn-out?

Are you burned-out by your endless marketing activities that are not even converting? Do you wish there was a better way?

→ Succeed with the Big Rich Money Content Marketing Matrix

With our easy Content Marketing Matrix you will learn to do marketing that gets results fast and produces enduring customer loyalty. 

Exhausted from trying to play catch-up?

Seems like everyone else is succeeding. You constantly compare your success (or lack of) to others and don't get a breakthrough. 

→ Level up with your own Success Roadmap

Get insider secrets on how to identify your best assets and grow your business by creating a realistic action plan. Learn how to plan for success - and then go do it!

Meet your instructors Katja Presnal and Candice Kilpatrick Brathwaite

Many courses offer hacks by gurus who have done great on their own business and want to teach how they did it. This is also how we started consulting over 13 years ago.

We pioneered in social media marketing in 2000s. Since then, we've consulted Fortune 100 companies, helped to launch startups, and received marketing awards like American Advertising Awards. We've helped large and small brands build online communities, launch digital media platforms, create viral campaigns and make sales records.

We identified the most common mistakes businesses make, and the contributing success factors, and created the Big Rich Money as a solution for those who want to be in charge and accelerate their success. 

Build A Big Rich Money Success Roadmap For Your Business

We identified the 7 most common mistakes business owners make. The Big Rich Money Success Roadmap helps you to avoid all of them and build a business foundation that makes it easier for you to reach your long-term goals and make everyday execution easier. Our Big Rich Money Content Marketing Matrix helps you to create an effective marketing strategy that gets you results for years. 

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Module 1 

Learn how to use Hollywood tricks to create touching stories around your business and products that tug on the heartstrings and the purse strings of your ideal customer.

Module 2

Answer the questions that will aid in creating a solid business foundation upon which you can build.

Module 3

Learn how to activate your Big Rich Money Flow by optimizing the products and services you already sell.

Module 4 

Defeat marketing stress forever using our Big Rich Money Content Marketing Matrix tool.

Module 5

Learn how to futureproof your business and ensure your ongoing (and increasing) success for years to come.

Extra Squeeze

Tips and resources that allow you to squeeze every last drop of value out of your Big Rich Money e-course, and learn multiple ways how you can utilize the business and marketing plan you created as the results of this course.

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Congratulate yourself for finding Big Rich Money. 

Money-making bonus: you will be able to enroll in our affiliate program.

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  • E-course taught by two award-winning business and marketing strategists
  • 5 Module e-course with 12 videos
  • 10 action sheetsĀ 
  • Extra Squeeze module and additional resources
  • Business and Marketing Plan Template for Google Drive and Canva
  • As a result, you will finish a business and marketing plan for your company
  • Access to a private Insider Society Facebook group
  • Access to the affiliate program (affiliate commission per each course sold is $50)



BIG RICH MONEY MAKER (E-COURSE and 1:1 consulting!)


Limited availability!

  • Everything included in the BIG RICH MONEY E-COURSE
  • Fast track the e-course and finish in 5 weeks instead of 12.
  • Limited availability 1:1 VIP experience with the instructors!
  • 3 consultingĀ calls to help you to optimize yourĀ Success Roadmap
  • Consulting by Katja Presnal or Candice Kilpatrick Brathwaite, your pick!Ā 
  • Easy and Inexpensive First Online Business Launch Mini CourseĀ 


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Bonus: Big Rich Money Content Marketing Matrix (Value $1000)

Marketing will be easier from now on with our proprietary content marketing tool. This exclusive tool was developed for small business owners and startups. 

Bonus: Fully Customizable Business & Marketing Plan Deck Templates (Value $300)

You will receive two Business and Marketing Plan Deck templates, one for Canva and one for Google Slides. You can choose which tool you use to create your own business deck.


Bonus: Hands-on Action Sheets (value $300)

Every module includes Action Sheets making it easy for you to turn the e-course learnings and your ideas into action. 

Bonus: Join the Insider Society community (Priceless)

You will get an invitation to the Insider Society community, where you can connect with other successful womxn entrepreneurs. 

Bonus: Access to the affiliate program (sky is the limit)

When you use the Big Rich Money methods for your business and share your success with your biz BFFs, you can also share your own customized affiliate link to the e-course and make $50 for each person who you sign up for the e-course.

Money-back guarantee

We understand that this e-course is not for everyone. We can not give you answers about your company vision or the best business models for you in an e-course but guide you to take charge and do it yourself. You might want more hands-on help in the form of consulting. This DIY version is not for everyone, we understand it. 

It was not for you? No problem. We will refund you within 7 days of your purchase. 

Sarah Fader, author, co-founder of Stigma Fighters 

I started taking the Big Rich Money course from Katja Presnal and Candice Kilpatrick Brathwaite, and it's AMAZING. It's not just about ideas, but rather the execution of creation concepts!!

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